Project Description

The acquisition of an MRI Capsule is crucial enhancing care for critically ill patients requiring MRI scans for diagnosis. Currently, these patients face challenges due to their dependence on multiple infusions, as conventional pumps cannot enter the MRI scanner due to magnetic interference. With the MRI Capsule, infusion pumps can be safely used during scans, enabling earlier and safer imaging without transferring patients between sites. This advancement streamlines scanning, improves patient safety and reduces staffing needs, ultimately benefiting a growing number of patients leading to cost savings.

Donating for this equipment will help children like Artemis Alice Wood, who tragically lost her battle with leukaemia at age 3 and a half. Leukaemia treatment involves multiple procedures, including inserting and removing lines for chemotherapy and medication delivery. The MRI Capsule eliminates the need to remove these lines during scans, also allowing for mild sedation without extra injections, reducing pain and trauma for the child and their family. Artemis would have benefitted from the capsule during her time at Winchester Hospital.

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