Become a Friend of the Hampshire Medical Fund

The Friends of the Hampshire Medical Fund are a group of people who wish to make a difference to their local hospitals by donating on a regular basis.  In the last eight years, we have purchased over 120 pieces of equipment totalling over £4 million.  If you have used Andover, Basingstoke or Winchester hospitals, the chances are that you have already benefited from our fundraising.
“It’s really amazing to know exactly where my money goes. The HMF buys groundbreaking equipment which makes a huge and immediate difference to a hospital that I live ten minutes away from. That’s why I joined as a Friend.”
John C – Founder Friend Member

Benefits of Becoming a Friend of the Hampshire Medical Fund

  • You will be making a real and immediate difference within your community
  • You will be invited to an annual drinks reception and presentation at one of the Trust’s hospitals where medical staff will provide demonstrations of the equipment that you have helped to fund
  • You will receive invitations and priority bookings to many of our exclusive Hampshire Medical Fund events
Choose how often you’d like to donate:
*If you are an existing friend who donates via direct debit and you wish to increase your giving please contact
*If you pay by standing order and wish to increase your giving then please either do this via your internet bank or at your bank branch.

Looking to Become a HMF Business Friend?

Our ‘Business Friend Members’ (corporate entities), commit to donating £500 annually, which equates to £41.67 per month, in support of the Hampshire Medical Fund.

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Support your local Hampshire Hospitals

We provide state of the art medical equipment to Andover, Basingstoke and Winchester Hospitals.

Your support directly impacts your Hampshire Hospitals.

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