New Cutting-Edge Equipment Enhances Breast Cancer Reconstruction at Royal Hampshire County Hospital

The Royal Hampshire County Hospital’s breast unit has received a new state-of-the-art piece of equipment, marking a new era in breast reconstruction services. We are excited to announce the successful installation of the BodyJet-Evo, a water-assisted lipomodelling system that promises to enhance patient outcomes by providing more efficient and less traumatic fat harvesting for lipomodelling reconstruction procedures.

This remarkable achievement is a direct result of the generous support from our community at our Aprés-Ski party last winter, where an incredible £42,000 was raised. The event brought together members of the community for an evening of fun and entertainment, and was instrumental in providing the funds needed to acquire this equipment. This demonstrates the power of community spirit and collective effort. We are thrilled to witness the positive impact this advanced technology will have on patients’ lives.

The breast unit at Royal Hampshire County Hospital offers a range of reconstructive techniques, now including the newly enhanced lipomodelling system. Also known as fat transfer or lipofilling, lipomodelling is used to revise scars and defects related to breast cancer treatment, enhancing symmetry, wellbeing, and quality of life for patients. This technique is applicable after both breast-conserving surgery (lumpectomy) and mastectomy, with or without reconstruction.

The BodyJet-Evo supports these procedures by providing high-quality fat for grafting, reducing procedure time, and minimising trauma. It is expected to be used in 30-50 cases annually, significantly increasing our capacity for revision breast surgeries and other non-urgent cases. This boost is particularly crucial as hospitals address the backlog caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

We spoke with a patient who underwent a mastectomy 12 years ago and recently benefited from the new BodyJet-Evo system. After her previous reconstructive surgery developed an infection, she was hesitant about further invasive procedures. Learning about the BodyJet-Evo from her surgeon, she chose to undergo lipomodelling with the new equipment.

“I like this procedure because it’s a natural procedure using your own tissue. It’s not as invasive as an implant, which was not what I wanted,” she shared. “The procedure was recommended by my surgeon. I hadn’t heard of lipomodelling before, but I really like the natural element of it. This new equipment allows for more to be transferred because they can harvest more. It was a good result, and I’m glad I had it done. You’re getting a better result with this equipment, and I’d definitely recommend this treatment. It’s still surgery, but it’s a great outcome.”

The acquisition of the BodyJet-Evo would not have been possible without the generous support of our donors. Charitable contributions play a vital role in enabling us to bring modern, life-changing equipment to Hampshire hospitals, directly benefiting patients and enhancing the quality of care we provide. By supporting charities like ours, you help us continue to offer the latest advancements in medical technology and improve outcomes for countless patients.

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