Hampshire Medical Fund Delivers Advanced Surgical Headlight System to Basingstoke Hospital’s Breast Unit

The Hampshire Medical Fund is thrilled to announce the successful funding and delivery of the Integra DUO LED Surgical Headlight system to the Breast Unit at Basingstoke Hospital. Thanks to the incredible generosity of our supporters, this state-of-the-art equipment is now in use, enhancing the quality of care for breast cancer patients.

The Integra DUO LED Surgical Headlight system is an extremely powerful and highly focused surgical headlight that is lightweight and comfortable for extended wear. This advanced headlight allows for clearer and more precise performance during breast cancer operations, particularly oncoplastic procedures involving small vessels or hard-to-reach areas such as the armpit.

Breast cancer surgeon, Ms.Stanton, who led the bid for this equipment, explains the significant impact this headlight has on surgical outcomes: “This headlight facilitates quicker and more efficient surgeries, enabling us to discharge patients on the same day for quite major oncoplastic operations. When the technical aspects of an operation are easier, patients experience less pain upon waking and face fewer complications, such as bleeding.”

The Breast Unit at Basingstoke Hospital is nationally recognised for its excellence in breast conservation and reconstruction.

Unlike the traditional mastectomy, the unit employs plastic surgical techniques to conserve the breast, offering excellent cosmetic outcomes without prolonged surgeries and extended hospital stays. This approach benefits breast cancer patients tremendously, allowing them to recover at home, which surveys indicate is their preferred environment.

Remarkably, the unit can now conserve a patient’s breast in 85% of breast cancer cases, compared to the national average of 60-70%. Additionally, 96% of breast cancer procedures are performed as day cases, which is exceptional on a national scale. This is possible through specialised regional anesthetic blocks and less invasive surgical techniques made feasible by the new headlight system.

The Hampshire Medical Fund remains committed to enhancing medical care in our community. The delivery of the Integra DUO LED Surgical Headlight system is a testament to the power of collective generosity and the impact it can have on patient care. By becoming a Friend of the Hampshire Medical Fund, you can contribute regularly and make a real difference in the quality of healthcare provided in our hospitals. To support us in our ongoing efforts, Become a Friend, or contact us directly at office@hampshiremedicalfund.org.