Your Donations in Action: Dermoscopy equipment for Medical Photography Department

The Hampshire Medical Fund recently purchased Medical Photography dermoscopy equipment for the Medical Photography Department that enables the medical photographer to obtain high quality, highly detailed images using a non-invasive dermoscopic method for monitoring and diagnosing skin lesions. The funded dermoscopy equipment, Dermlite DL3n Dermatoscope, adapter ring and lens attaches to the existing medical photography camera. The funded screen allows patients to change in privacy.

The images photographed with this equipment may be used as an adjunct for diagnosing potential skin cancers such as malignant melanomas and to visualise  other lesions or structures. These medical images form part of the patient’s health record and may be used for referral to colleagues for ‘second opinion’.

The patient is provided with a copy of the images for self-monitoring; awareness ensures that the patient is treated at the earliest opportunity, thereby, potentially achieving less radical treatment, saving consultation appointments, reassuring the patient, and ultimately resulting in improved outcomes.  This is an example of multidisciplinary practice together with patient involvement making a significant difference to the patient’s treatment and well-being.

The Medical Photography service is grateful to the Hampshire Medical Fund for funding this equipment, enabling this service to provide an up-to-date, high quality ‘one-stop-shop’  gold standard service for Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust patients.