YOUR DONATIONS IN ACTION! Kidney Stone Removal Laser for Urology Department

The Urology department at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester recently received an incredible new piece of surgical equipment thanks to the Hampshire Medical Fund. The cutting-edge urology laser purchased has already been used for numerous kidney stone removal surgeries.

Mr Christopher White, one of the urology clinicians from the Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust commented:

“The new urology laser is very powerful which enables us to fragment or break up kidney stones at a much faster rate than we’ve been able to do before which means we can get patients stone free and treatment is a lot quicker.”

This new ROCAMED SIRIUS laser system allows surgeons to switch between two settings, letting them emit low energy and high frequency blasts to break down kidney stones, as well as high energy and low frequency for precise tissue cutting.

Another beneficial feature of the new laser is that it is noticeably more compact in comparison to its predecessors, allowing mobility between different theatres and hospitals. This allows for more flexibility in emergency cases. It is also comparatively a lot faster and quieter than previous procedural laser equipment.

This new surgical laser will have an enormous positive impact as it should enable clinicians to treat large stones in one sitting,  avoiding the need for urology patients to undergo multiple surgeries. This is an advantage to the hospitals too because, with the laser being capable of completing procedures quicker, the clinicians can perform more procedures with greater efficiency.