Harry Cowdrey Raises £1,300 for Hampshire Medical Fund

Harry Cowdrey, a Health Care Assistant in Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital, has done an incredible job of raising £1,300 for the Hampshire Medical Fund.

Harry achieved this by creating a fundraising campaign in which he went on a series of long distance hikes, one of which even involved him walking from Portsmouth to Basingstoke! The campaign began in June 2022 and ran until November. In this time Harry was able to secure donations from other healthcare professionals, patients, hospital staff and local Councillors, including a whopping £365 cheque from Silver Lining.

On the last leg of his Portsmouth to Basingstoke hike, we met Harry upon arrival at Basingstoke Hospital and took the opportunity to congratulate him on the amazing work he has been doing for the charity. We are incredibly grateful to Harry for all the hard work that he has put into his fundraising campaign, hiking and collecting sponsorships, as well as his ongoing support of the Hampshire Medical Fund. Thanks also to all those who have donated to the cause which helps us raise money for cutting-edge medical equipment.

If you are one of our supporters reading this and would like to participate in similar fundraising events, or have done so already to raise funds for our charity, please do get in touch with us. It’s all for a great cause that can change peoples lives.