Hampshire Medical Fund appoints Daniel Benton as new Chairman

We are delighted to welcome our new Chairman; Daniel Benton. Mr Benton is the Senior Independent Director at NHS Digital and has helped to drive digital transformation within the NHS Long Term Plan using technological innovation to improve healthcare services. 

Daniel will be taking over from our previous Chairman, William Magill, who, in his time of leading the Hampshire Medical Fund since 2014, has overseen significant contributions and changes to the charity including a total of £4 million being raised and 120 pieces of equipment being purchased for hospitals across Hampshire.

We are so incredibly grateful for the vast amount of support, leadership, time and humour that William has dedicated over the years and would love to honour his incredible work by buying an Endoscopy Scope Guide in his name, which will enhance the diagnosis of colon and rectal cancers and Crohn’s Disease for patients in Winchester and Basingstoke Hospitals. For anyone who would like to make a donation in honour of William Magill’s long standing leadership, please go to cafdonate.cafonline.org/20105.

Regarding his new role as Chairman, Daniel Benton had this to say:

“I am delighted to be taking over from William Magill as the chairman of the Hampshire Medical Fund. William has been involved since the charity started and we owe him a huge debt of thanks. Under William’s leadership not only have we contributed hugely to the purchase of much-needed equipment to improve the care of patients in Hampshire, but we have built a team and a set of brilliant and committed supporters which gives us momentum and enthusiasm to continue and flourish. In these exceptionally difficult times for the NHS, what we do has never been more important, and I am honoured to be able to help.”