YOUR DONATIONS IN ACTION – Newborn Hearing Screening Equipment for Paediatrics!

The Hampshire Medical Fund has recently supported the fundraising of newborn screening equipment for babies who have spent less than 48 hours in a neonatal unit. The purpose of the equipment is to identify permanent, moderate, severe and profound deafness and hearing impairment in newborns.

This screening equipment performs an automated otoacoustic emission (AOAE) screen which all babies are offered and is done so by placing a small soft-tipped earpiece in the baby’s ear, after which gentle clicking sounds are played. The ear response is picked up by the screening equipment, taking just a few minutes. This is then repeated if a response is not picked up on the first attempt.

These newborn screening devices have been received by the postnatal wards at Basingstoke and Winchester Hospitals, Community Midwifery teams in Andover, Alton and Home Birthing teams for those who wish to have all their postnatal care at home.  

There are many benefits to hospitals using this new equipment, including giving a faster performance of screening processes than previous models allowed for, as well as the newly improved safety features, resulting in less errors and recalling of babies. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all of our supporters.