The Tour De France has gotten us all geared up to brave the lycra and head out on the rambling roads of Hampshire. Whether you fancy yourself as a bit of a Geraint Thomas, or are simply looking to raise some money for our great charity, whilst enjoying some quality time with your family, our Cycle Sportive 2019 is the perfect event for all you bike fans.

Now perhaps you’re more inclined to enjoy the scenery of a bike ride; you’ll be pleased to hear our 12 mile route has handsome vistas in abundance. With the stunning rolling hills of Hampshire to thank for that thigh burn the following day, here are 6 sights you should keep your eyes peeled for:

  1. The tree dapple of Wolverton Lane. 

There’s something whimsical and enchanting about cycling through the dabbled light of a tree canopy.

  1. Moyglare Farm

Whizzing down Baughurst Rd you might miss it, but Moyglare Farm houses plenty of livestock, so you can wave to their grazing sheep as you zoom by!

  1. Ramsdell Church

You’ll pass this quaint little church nestled neatly on your left. Built in 1867, it sits at the heart of the village. If you listen closely, you might even hear the villagers singing!

  1. The Mole

Of course, we don’t suggest you jump off your bikes for a swift half – but perhaps remembering the coordinates of the cosy Mole pub for when you cross the finish line, might be a good idea.

  1. The Red, White and…thatch.

There are plenty of stunning houses to catch your eye and the building theme is either burnt orange bricks or creamy white topped with a golden thatch. 

  1. The Views

Hampshire is known for its incredible countryside and as you meander down the winding country roads, you’ll be greeted by plenty of rugged countryscape, like peering into an oil on canvas.

If you fancy riding our 12 mile, 45 mile or 85 mile route, then you can find out more information about what that involves and sign yourself and your team up here.

Are you planning to be snapping from your handle bars? We would love to see any of your pictures from the event and are keen to share our favourites. You can tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #HMFSportive

This year’s Cycle Sportive is kindly sponsored by the Candover ClinicWatership Property and Specialized.