We are delighted to say that in the past two years, we have purchased over £1 million worth of equipment for Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital. Thank you to all our supporters for their continued support!

Here is the full list of equipment and take a look at Our Appeals to see what we are fundraising for now:

Maternity: two telemetry devices £10,000
Pelvic Floor Services: High resolution diagnostic technology £9,000
Radiotherapy Planning CT Scanner £450,000
Ophthalmology: icare pro tonometer £3,695

Urology: Prostate Focal Therapy Equipment £194,000
Cardiac: Intravascular Ultrasound £60,400
Respiratory: Full Lung Function Testing Equipment £76,209
Gynacology: Hysteroscopes £35,763
Respiratory: Endobronchial Ultrasound £109,309
Orthotics: Portable 3D structure sensor £1,700

Maternity: Central Fetal Monitoring system £17,781
Gastroenterology: Shearwave Ultrasound £56,315
Intensive Care: C-MAC Videolaryngoscope £8,500
Critical Care: MOTOmed Leg/Arm Pedals £9,705
Gynaecology: Hysteroscopy & Biopsy Equipment £8,531

Total £1,050,908