After a successful year of fundraising, we’re starting 2016 off with an exciting new challenge. Listed below are the pieces of equipment which we’re currently fundraising for in the first half of this year:

  • Central Foetal Monitoring System- Total Cost: £17,781
  • Spyglass-Digital Direct Visualisation- Total Cost: £65,000
  • Shear Wave Ultrasound- Total Cost: £33,865
  • Safire- Total Cost: £39,000
  • C-MAC Videolaryngoscope Intensive Care Unit- Total Cost: £8,500
  • Biopsies and diagnostic equipment Gynaecology department- Total Cost: £8,531
  • MOTOmed Critical care Leg/Arm pedals- Total Cost: £9,705

Total cost of monies needed to be raised for innovative equipment: £182,385