Raised so far – £1,072,167.59

The hospitals’ needs continue to shift on a daily basis, but you have helped to provide them with the equipment they need to deal with these difficult times. The list below has been updated throughout the campaign as further equipment has been highlighted as being required by the Trust. It shows what we have been able to provide our local hospitals with as a result of your incredible donations:-

22 x Intensive care unit hospital beds – high specification for use with ventilated patients – £209,000 (£9,500 each). ***PURCHASED***  

14 x Intensive care unit hospital beds – lower specification for use by critically ill patients not yet requiring ventilation. £70,000 (£5,000 each). ***PURCHASED***

1 x Acute Care System – provides a modular monitoring system for critically ill patients – £59,636.80 ***PURCHASED***

2 x Mobile X-Ray Units – these will be used specifically for Covid-19 patients meaning we reduce risk of cross contamination and maintain a safe level of care for critically ill patients who do not have Covid-19 – £110,000 (£55,000 each). ***PURCHASED***

1 x Maldi – tof Microbiology machine – identifies organisms that present an MRSA risk amongst other key pathogens informing infection prevention and operational decisions across all three hospitals – £169,209. ***PURCHASED***

2 x Sara Combilizer – allows severely immobile patients to begin rehabilitation whilst still on a ventilator allowing earlier discharge – £25,139.12. ***PURCHASED***

2 x MRI Ventilator and monitoring system for Critical Care and Intensive Care units – allows MRI scans to be performed on ventilating patients – £8,205.80. ***PURCHASED***

2 x MRI Monitoring System for Cardiology and Critical Care – will allow performance of MRI scans in intubated and ventilated patients (this is currently only possible at Winchester Hospital). It will also allow ‘stress’ MRI scans to be performed with continual monitoring for critical Cardiac cases. This is not currently possible in Basingstoke, Winchester or Andover hospitals – £82,848. *** PURCHASED***

1 x Cardiac Telemetry Monitoring system for Acute Assessment Unit and Ambulatory Care Unit. Allows patients to move through the emergency department more quickly and to be monitored in the ambulatory care unit – £39,290. ***PURCHASED***

1 x Transthoracic Echo machine for Acute Cardiology Unit – This machine would allow Andover Hospital to perform cardiac echo scans on Covid-19 patients rather than transfer to Basingstoke or Winchester hospitals as the Andover hospital machine has recently broken – £35,000. ***PURCHASED***

1 x Airvo 2 Optiflow System for Children’s Ward – This piece of equipment is highly tuned to deliver humidified oxygen effectively to babies and children who are extremely unwell with respiratory infections – £2,475. ***PURCHASED***

Support for staff as they work under unprecedented circumstances, at the discretion of Hampshire Hospitals’ Chief Medical Officer and Chief Financial Officer – £ongoing. 

  • £1500.00 to the George and Dragon in Hurstbourne Tarrant who have been supplying meals to Andover War Memorial Hospital staff as well as local carers and health assistants
  • £1680.00 to The Little Kitchen Company who have been supplying meals to ICU (Intensive Care Unit) staff who haven’t been able to get meals from the canteen
  • £800.00 to the Serv Wessex Blood Runners who deliver vital blood products between our Hampshire Hospitals
  • £997.45 worth of fabric to the locally set up group ‘For the Love of Scrubs’, generously making scrubs, masks and ear protectors for HHFT staff

4 x Better BiPap equipment for Emergency Patients – This equipment provides lifesaving treatment to patients suffering from respiratory failure – £40,000. ***PURCHASED***

1 x Ultrasound and Echocardiography Machine for Intensive Care – This machine will play a big part in the evolving COVID19 situation as clinicians have to split stock between infected and non-infected patients – £24,062.50 ***PURCHASED***

1 x ORSIM Bronchoscopy Simulator for Intensive Care & Anaesthesia – This equipment allows training on negotiating airways in real life scenarios, which will be particularly pertinent with retired clinicians returning to the front-line at this time – £18,000. ***PURCHASED***

2000 x PeRSo Respirators – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all front line clinical staff dealing with Covid-19 patients – £450,000. ***PURCHASED***

4 x Hand-held echocardiograms – These portable echo machines are the recommended devices to scan COVID19 patients in the most recent international guidelines – £16,640. ***PURCHASED***

1 x Specialist Wheelchair for rehabilitation of patients – £780.00. ***PURCHASED***

130 x Air conditioning units to provide cooling for patients and staff as they continue to deal with the Covid19 virus whilst wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – £55,380. ***PURCHASED***

1 x Highly specialised double bed for end of life patients to sleep as comfortably as possible / potentially with a loved one – £14,950 ***PURCHASED***

320 x Disposable Heart Monitors to allow cardiac monitoring at home for patients, who if it wasn’t for Covid, would be coming into hospital to check for heart rhythm abnormalities that may put them at high risk of stroke – £56,960.00. ***PURCHASED***

The Hampshire Medical Fund has always existed to buy medical equipment that falls outside the NHS funding remit whether this is because of time or cost. The equipment list above is delivering either life-changing or life-saving results and will continue to give our medics the cutting edge resources they need to tackle the pandemic in the months ahead.

Every penny counts … whatever you can give, your donation will be used IMMEDIATELY to fund critical equipment for Basingstoke, Winchester and Andover hospitals.

We are eternally grateful for the ongoing support of all our incredible Hampshire Medical Fund supporters, please do echo this to anyone in Hampshire who might also be able to help.

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Please take care of yourselves, and thank you for your support at this immensely challenging time.

With very best wishes

The Hampshire Medical Fund Team

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