Project Description

Funds raised towards this project will help with the purchase of a new Lower limb weights press machine for the Alton physiotherapy department.
This equipment is highly valued in the MSK Physiotherapy Department. Its primary use is for improving leg strength, particularly for the quadriceps and calf muscles. These muscles are used in daily activities such as walking, going up and down steps and gardening as well as in sporting activities. They are also important for balance. We use this equipment with a wide range of patients including those with arthritis, patients post-surgery or injury, those looking to improve strength and mobility post illness, inactivity or falls and those with chronic joint problems such as fibromyalgia. The equipment can be used by patients on a 1:1 basis or as part of a class and because it is adjustable we can alter the settings to suit most appropriate patients.
The Alton team provides approximately 5,000 patient appointments per year with at least 20% of these requiring some form of gym rehabilitation.

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for the Alton Physio Department

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